Banff Eco-Transit Hub, supported by the Banff Railway Lands Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP), is a proposed multimodal, sustainable transportation initiative that re-establishes the coexistence of people and wildlife movement in Banff National Park and the Town of Banff. It aims to restore and transform the historic Banff Train Station and its surrounding lands from a former brownfield site to a visitor destination.

Through the Banff Eco-Transit Hub initiative, the western entrance to Banff is being reimagined as an arrival centre for green transit systems including intercept parking, aerial transit to Norquay, and services that support passenger rail with a link to Calgary, its international airport, and municipalities along the way.

Beyond transportation systems, the Banff Eco-Transit Hub will be a focus for community and social spaces, entertainment and cultural events, learning opportunities, and a visitor services and dining destination with iconic, authentic, yet modern structures all rolled into one walkable space: “Banff Starts Here.”

If approved by Town of Banff Council, the Banff Railway Lands ARP will be a catalyst for the larger Banff Eco-Transit Hub initiative by putting in place appropriate land use policies and programs.

The reimagining of the area is based on an innovative vision for these lands, that reaches beyond the boundaries of the Town of Banff and the ARP bylaw, pending its approval. It will enable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the creation of on-site public amenities including the restoration of the CP Gardens, Queen’s Willows, the development of significant public spaces including the Railway Heritage Plaza, and Railway Avenue .

The project provides the opportunity for governments and the private sector to work together to form public-private-partnerships to advance various projects including, but not limited to:

  • Developing Calgary Airport to Banff passenger rail
  • Creating shuttle-only service to points of interest
  • Enhancing the Fenlands Indian Grounds Wildlife Corridor
  •  Restoring Rocky Mountain Parks Heritage Railway Stations and buildings.

These partnerships can help support BANFF NATIONAL PARK NET ZERO 2035, a grassroots initiative to make Banff National Park North America’s first net zero emissions community. More information can be found at


Banff Railway Lands, Area Redevelopment Plan.
A project by Banff-based, family-owned, Liricon.