Revitalizing the Banff Railway Lands will change the way people move through Banff National Park and the Town of Banff townsite. Informed and sustainable solutions such as the Banff Eco-Transit Hub—including intercept parking and potential aspirational projects such as aerial transit to Norquay’s base and passenger rail to Calgary—can create meaningful change. Learn more about the broader vision for Banff Eco-Transit Hub, the Banff Railway Lands Area Redevelopment Plan, how you can help inform next steps, and more.

A science-based approach to visitor and
vehicle management in Banff National Park


Thank you to everyone who found time to enjoy the skating rinks at the Banff Train Station - and the team that kept the ice in perfect condition. Because conditions have changed, both rinks are closed for the season. But don't forget that snow conditions are ideal at Norquay!
Its a beautiful day for a skate down at the train station. Get it while its good!
ICYMI: Alberta’s 2023/24 provincial budget announced $5 million in funding to advance the Calgary Airport Banff Rail heavy rail project. Along with connecting the airport to downtown Calgary, this project could offer a mass transit option to Banff with several stops along the way.
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Banff is the perfect place to visit this Family Day weekend. Don't forget to park at the Banff Train Station and the skating rink is steps away. Leave your car, grab your skates, snowshoes, or hiking boots, and explore everything Banff has to offer.

The Train Station parking lot is free and open daily from 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.
In the news: Alstom’s hydrogen passenger train to debut in Quebec

The potential for hydrogen-fueled mass transit is significant. Along with being a low-emission energy source, Alberta has considerable capacity to produce hydrogen. With Canadian Pacific currently testing hydrogen-powered locomotives, the future of clean-running trains looks bright. 

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Congratulations to Roam Public Transit for this amazing accomplishment. Mass transit to, from and within our mountain parks significantly reduces visitor impact on environmentally sensitive places. 

By advancing intercept parking opportunities,  encouraging multi-modal usage, and providing transportation options that do not require private vehicles,  we can further address many of the challenges our parks are facing while ensuring a sustainable future for Banff. 

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Saturday’s Skijoring is an excellant example of visitors and the community enjoying a closed to traffic Banff Avenue - even in -20 Celsius. What an icnredible event. A permanent Banff Pedestrian Zone would transform Banff Avenue to a year-round resident and visitor gathering spot.
Are you coming to Banff to celebrate the annual SnowDays Festival? Remember there is free parking and the best outdoor skating rink in the Canadian Rockies at the Train Station. Park your car, grab your skates, and explore Banff and the snow sculptures taking shape around town.


Banff Railway Lands, Area Redevelopment Plan.
A project by Banff-based, family-owned, Liricon.