Banff Railway Lands
Area Redevelopment Plan

Revitalizing the Banff Railway Lands will change the way people move through Banff National Park and the town of Banff.

Informed and sustainable solutions such as the Banff Eco-Transit Hub—including intercept parking and potential passenger rail service to Calgary—can create meaningful change.

Learn more about the broader vision for the Banff Eco-Transit Hub, the Banff Railway Lands Area Redevelopment Plan, how you can help inform next steps, and much more about this transformative project.

A science-based approach to visitor and
vehicle management in Banff National Park


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On Monday, June 24, Banff Town Council is conducting second reading of the bylaw to adopt the Banff Railway Lands ARP. 

📝 In this meeting, Council will review Norquay/Liricon's amendments to the ARP and decide whether to move the ARP to third reading. Third reading is Council's final opportunity to pass the bylaw and approve the ARP. 

🙌 Show your support. Attend the Banff Town Council meeting, write a letter to Minister Steven Guilbeault, and check our stories for the ways you can help the ARP move forward!
2024 has already been a BIG year for the Banff Eco-Transit Hub. And we’re not slowing down.

This summer we’ll have more updates on the Banff Railway Lands ARP, Calgary Airport to Banff Rail, and sustainable transit initiatives 🚞🌎

Stay tuned.
This long weekend, park for free in the Banff Eco-Transit Hub parking lot at the Banff Train Station.

Simply type “Banff Train Station” into your Maps application and once you’re there, follow the “free parking” signs to the east side of the station. Park for free all day and walk 8 minutes or rent an e-bike to get downtown 🚶🏽‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️
Today, the Government of Alberta announced the development of a Passenger Rail Master Plan for the province. We applaud Premier Danielle Smith’s support for regional rail, specifically the Calgary Airport Banff Rail (CABR) project 🚞

We look forward to future collaboration and hope to advance our proposal in parallel with their Master Plan studies. Read about the announcement at the link in our story and bio.
The Banff Railway Lands ARP keeps moving forward. At yesterday's Town Council meeting, Council moved the ARP to Second Reading and requested amendments based on community feedback from the Public Hearing. Let's dive in to what they said ⬇️

🌲Council asked to accelerate the rehabilitation of the conservation area and residential area redevelopment, as well as ensure an environmental assessment for any future development. 

🚠 Council has requested edits to Section 5.6 "Norquay Gondola Teminus," where they requested the term 'gondola terminus' be deleted to instead include a broader range of multi-modal transportation systems listed in Parks Canada's Expert Panel on Moving People Sustainably in the Banff Bow Valley. This includes aerial transit, passenger rail, buses, autonomous shuttles, on-demand vehicles, bicycles, and ridesharing services.

🌟 Mayor Corrie DiManno expressed her enthusiasm for the plan, stating, "This is an important moment in Banff's history, and we have an opportunity to really transform a key gateway into our community. This plan gives us a clear vision to revitalize and rehabilitate this underutilized area. We see the potential to make this a cornerstone of the visitor experience."

Learn more at the link in our bio.
This #EarthDay, we are reminded of our responsibility to help get Banff National Park to net zero. 

Learn more about our plan at the link in bio.
Jill Bodkin’s family moved to Banff 65 years ago. After holding positions such as British Columbia’s first female deputy minister, corporate finance partner at Ernst & Young, and director at several private and public organizations, Ms. Bodkin shared her wisdom at the ARP Public Hearing. 

Citing examples of other tourist towns that have prioritized ecological integrity, Ms. Bodkin urged Council to take the first step towards a “carless” Banff. 

“I know it is possible for a community to create a revitalized experience for residents and visitors. The prerequisites are determined and willing public officials, informed and educated local people willing to work in the interest of their values, and a far-seeing investor, willing to build with the local people, towards prosperity that suits their community.”
Sean O’Farrell is a Director of the Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation and has worked for Banff Caribou Properties for over 20 years. Sean kicked off the ARP Public Hearing by discussing the history of the Banff Train Station, and the years it stood in a state of disrepair and abandonment. He explained how heritage buildings need purpose and economic viability to thrive. 

“The ARP will allow the Train Station and the surrounding lands to have a purpose. The station began as a transportation hub, and it’s only fitting that 100 years later, it continues as one.”
What’s next for the Banff Railway Lands ARP? 

1️⃣ On April 22, Banff Town Council will vote on the ARP at “Second Reading.” This begins the process when Council can ask questions that could lead to making amendments to the ARP. 

2️⃣ If the ARP passes Second Reading, it moves on to the Third and Final Reading. 

3️⃣ If Council passes the bylaw to adopt an ARP, the plan is sent to Parks Canada for review and recommendations to the federal minister overseeing Banff National Park, who has final say on the land use matter.

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Katie Tuff is President of the Banff Hospitality Collective and has worked in Banff’s hospitality industry since 2007. At the ARP Public Hearing, Katie spoke about the importance of moving people effectively through Banff’s downtown, and how economic viability is essential for environmental sustainability. 

“If we figure out how to differently move human beings into and around Banff’s downtown core and centrally located outdoor experiences, including Norquay, this is the most powerful starting point to protecting wildlife in the remaining 6,500 kilometres of these wild spaces that we call Banff National Park."
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Banff Railway Lands, Area Redevelopment Plan.
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