Banff Railway Lands
Area Redevelopment Plan

Revitalizing the Banff Railway Lands will change the way people move through Banff National Park and the Town of Banff townsite. Informed and sustainable solutions such as the Banff Eco-Transit Hub—including intercept parking and potential aspirational projects such as aerial transit to Norquay’s base and passenger rail to Calgary—can create meaningful change. Learn more about the broader vision for Banff Eco-Transit Hub, the Banff Railway Lands Area Redevelopment Plan, how you can help inform next steps, and much more about this transformative project. 

A science-based approach to visitor and
vehicle management in Banff National Park


The Banff Railway Lands Area Redevelopment Plan is the framework needed to guide Banff to a more sustainable future. Revitalizing the  Railway Lands will change how people move through Banff National Park and the townsite. Informed and sustainable solutions such as the Banff Eco-Transit Hub can create meaningful change. Now is the time to advance this transformative project.

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The Town of Banff has made it a priority to reduce traffic congestion in the town by reducing peoples' reliance on private vehicles.  The Town is currently exploring the idea of developing a dedicated transit lane and separated multi-use trail to encourage residents and visitors to use mass transit to get around the townsite. 

But with occupancy levels consistently exceeding 90% at the existing intercept parking lot at the Banff Train Station, Banff  needs more places where people can leave their cars and access the town on foot, by bike, or via transit. Simply put, fewer cars means less congestion and lower emissions.

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At the recent Federal Conservative Party convention in Quebec City, a rare consensus emerged between the Federal Liberal and Conservative parties as they passed a policy endorsing passenger rail development that states:

“We support improved rail infrastructure across Canada, including innovative high-speed passenger rail where warranted. This would ease conflicts between passenger and freight trains, reduce highway congestion and GHG emissions, and promote national unity and inter-provincial trade.”

Designed to create a new, dedicated track, the Calgary Airport Banff Rail project is a public-private-partnership collaboration between the private sector and the Alberta and Canadian Governments that will allow Canadians to travel to Canada’s premier national park efficiently and sustainably.
When the new CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority, Chris Dinsdale, was asked about the proposed rail link between YYC and downtown, he said "the sooner the better." He went on to say that the Airport Authority "looks forward to being a part of that."

We couldn't agree more. A passenger rail from YYC to downtown Calgary and eventually to Banff makes environmental and economic sense, has widespread support, and addresses many of Alberta's sustainability objectives.

Now is the time to move this transformational project forward and make this happen.

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Are you planning to visit Banff this long weekend? Don't forget that parking at the Banff Train Station is free, and it's only a short walk to Bear Street and Banff Avenue. Explore Banff by walking, cycling, or using Roam Public Transit. And don't forget you can rent e-bikes at Bike Banff, conveniently located right at the Train Station and  a quick ride to the car-free Bow Valley Parkway.
Great to join Brian Jean, Alberta’s Minister of Energy and Minerals, and explore the reality of hydrogen-powered trains. The opportunities are endless for Canada and the world.
After decades of discussion, it’s time to act.

Please write a letter to Banff Town Council and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and show your support for this transformative project. It’s time to revitalize the Banff Railway Lands and help address many of the challenges Banff is facing.

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Banff Railway Lands, Area Redevelopment Plan.
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