What will a neighbourhood look and feel like? How will transportation be integrated? Will scenic views be maintained? Who can provide input? These are some of the questions an ARP addresses. An ARP is a statutory plan adopted as a bylaw by Banff Town Council. The document must align with the Banff Community Plan and Banff National Park of Canada Management Plan.

This policy document guides the redevelopment of existing, developed, or disturbed areas which are in need of some form of rehabilitation. It is informed by scientific research, community input and municipal strategic plans to establish a shared vision for revitalization of an area.

An ARP does not contain the specifics of a development; it is a high-level policy document that sets a vision and a framework for future use: short-term, medium term, and long-term. It also assists decision makers during the review of land use bylaw amendments and development permit applications before any construction can commence.

Terms of Reference
On February 19th, 2019, council endorsed a Terms of Reference for the Railway Lands Area Redevelopment Plan that established the boundary of planning area and a summary of what council expected to be addressed in the ARP. It also allowed the applicant, Liricon, to commence work on plan. There are two phases of planning that will require public engagement: the concept stage, which informs the draft ARP, and the submission of the draft ARP, which is based on proven concepts.

 and 2022Engagement Phase 2: Submitting the ARP
In 2021, Liricon will be active in the community so residents can learn more and share their input on the ARP. The purpose of this engagement is to hear local input and respond to questions so they can refine the final ARP submitted to the Town of Banff.
Here are just a few activities planned for 2021 – 2022:

  • Two community-wide Open House Information Sessions with participation of subject matter experts informing the ARP – December 2021
  • Two community-organization meetings; dates TBD
  • Online survey
  • Enhanced communication with Town of Banff administration and Parks Canada; ongoing
  • Indigenous Consultation (led by Town of Banff); ongoing

This second stage of public engagement will give Liricon an opportunity to listen and further understand feedback and questions from the community. A What We Heard Report will summarize this input and will be published here once completed.

Engagement Phase 1: Conceptual Stage
To inform the draft ARP, Liricon initiated the first phase of its community engagement plan focused on Banff residents in 2019. Through in-person and digital engagement, community members were invited to have conversations about the project, ask questions and were encouraged to provide feedback on the key topics that will be considered as part of the ARP. An online survey was used to complement the in-person public engagement. A What We Heard Report summarizing this input was published.

Read the What We Heard Report Phase 1

Maturation of the ARP based on public engagement and research
Thank you to everyone that helped shape the current ARP for Banff Railway Lands in the first phase of community engagement. Liricon aimed to provide many different opportunities and ways to provide feedback throughout the engagement, including in-person and digital opportunities, and this input was very valuable.


Banff Railway Lands, Area Redevelopment Plan.
A project by Banff-based, family-owned, Liricon.