Who we are

Liricon is the holding company of Banff locals Jan and Adam Waterous and their three children: Liam, Riley, and Connor. Since it was first formed, Liricon has been a family-wide venture. The name reflects this: a stitching together of the first two letters of each child’s name. The Waterous family—like so many community members—have grown increasingly concerned about ecological integrity, traffic congestion, and parking in the town of Banff and around Banff National Park. Through Liricon, the family is looking to advance and build off the many great ideas and initiatives put forth over the decades by various levels of government and private stakeholders to address these challenges. The Waterous family firmly believes that Banff can become a national model for green transit for other towns and cities across Canada.


Banff Railway Lands, Area Redevelopment Plan.
A project by Banff-based, family-owned, Liricon.