The Banff Railway Lands Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) sets forward a bold, integrated vision for the heritage train station lands that is both environmentally and economically sustainable and designed to protect and enhance Banff National Park’s status as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This vision stands on the shoulders of past initiatives to advance mass and active transit, restore wildlife corridors and celebrate the Park’s history and culture by the Town of Banff, the Government of Alberta, the Federal Government, and environmental and community groups.

This ARP provides the real estate and infrastructure to create the option for governments and private operators to form public-private-partnerships that will help bring into reality decades-old dreams of Banffites, Albertans, Canadians and governments.

The plan includes:

  • Creating an arrival centre for integrated, multi-modal, low carbon, green transit systems
  • Enhancing the Fenlands Indian Grounds wildlife corridor
  • Developing an authentic Rocky Mountain Parks railway heritage destination and community hub

Collectively, these components will:

  • Authentically restore Banff’s heritage in an ultra-low-density plan to support people and wildlife movement
  • Support purposeful travel by weaving together sustainability, education, and extraordinary experiences
  • Address the impact of personal vehicles degrading the environment and visitor experienceand help Banff National Park become North America’s first net-zero emissions community by 2035.

Liricon is seeking the Town’s approval of the ARP, and later, will be looking to the Government of Alberta, Canada Infrastructure Bank, Transport Canada, Parks Canada, and other agencies for support and approvals on new transit initiatives, including shuttle systems, aerial transit from the Town to Norquay’s base, and Calgary Airport to Banff passenger rail.

The ARP and its appendices for the Banff Railway Lands spans 1,200+ pages of policies, research and analysis.


Banff Railway Lands, Area Redevelopment Plan.
A project by Banff-based, family-owned, Liricon.